Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Abundant Smiles

We have been blessed with such a happy baby! He has been smiling, laughing, and talking so much lately. He has the cutest little dimple on his left cheek and it is impossible not to smile when he is!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow Days

Last week we had a little snow storm (2 inches of snow & 2 inches of ice) that shut things down for several days. I figured it would all be gone by lunch time so I made Cory get up early and we brought Marcus out to take some pictures of his first snow! Here are a few:

Monday, January 3, 2011

Marcus' First Christmas

For Christmas this year we travelled to Omaha to visit my family. We had such an amazing time and everyone got to meet Marcus! He was of course extremely spoiled this first Christmas. Here are some pictures from Christmas day!

His Aunt Dawn got him the cutest little moose booties that he wears all the time.

His Aunt Colleen knew that he would be cold in Omaha so she got him a hat and mittens.

His Grandparents got him a wonderful Christmas book- Marcus loves to read.

And of course his Nanna & Pop (Cory's parents) got him everything he could ever need Kansas.

Marcus did a great job opening all of his presents... really he just slept the whole time, but we are very thankful to everyone who sent him gifts this year!

Marcus and his excited Grandma and Grandpa!

Marcus and his proud Uncles Cody & Christian.

Marcus and his doting Aunties JAB, Dawn, and Colleen.

Our family on Christmas morning.