Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving in Omaha

For Thanksgiving this year we decided to travel to Omaha to visit Kelly's family. We had originally told them we weren't going to be able to make it because of the cost of airfare, but then we decided that we really didn't want to spend Marcus's first birthday alone, so we decided to make our trip a surprise. The only person who knew about it was Kelly's sister Dawn. She picked us up from the airport and drove us to the house. When we got there we plopped Marcus down in front of the door, rang the doorbell, and then stood off to the side. It was so fun to see everyone so surprised! We had a great weekend getting to spend some quality time with them and also having the opportunity to celebrate Marcus with them.

This is the same high chair my parents used when I was a baby. They have kept it all these years and it is so fun to see Marcus be able to use it!

Marcus really loved getting to play with his uncles.

Christian teaching Marcus how to play with the cat...which is a lot smaller then our dog!

The weather on Thanksgiving day was more typical for South Carolina then Nebraska so we took advantage of it. Marcus loved crawling around in the grass and playing with the leaves...2 things we don't really have.

Eating his turkey!

One morning before everyone else was up Marcus explored our kitchen. He loved rolling and throwing the spices all over the place and then crawling to catch up to them.

His new favorite thing now is climbing and sitting in a special place, not just the floor. Some examples of this would be cabinets, the dryer, and my Mom's table.

Getting ready for the Carolina game with his Grandma.

He loves to push things around as he is walking. He is so strong he pushed this chair all over the carpet.

Typical craziness.

Family photo time-where we all act like we aren't crazy.

Cory loves this picture because he isn't the tallest one so the top of his head won't get cut out!
We are so thankful for all that the Lord has provided us with this year, but we are especially thankful that Marcus is a part of our family this Thanksgiving and that we got to spend it with an awesome family!

Monday, November 28, 2011

First Birthday!

I know everyone always says this, but I can NOT believe that Marcus turned one last week!! This has been such an incredible year! We are so thankful that the Lord trusted us with the raising of this sweet child.

Marcus opening his first gifts from his Grandpa and Grandma Klaiber before we left for Omaha. They sent his gifts since they didn't know we were coming there because of the surprise!

He was so proud of himself he gave Cory a high five.
He really loved the tissue paper and being destructive.
His Auntie Dawn wrapped his gift so nicely.
And got him some of my favorite childhood books. I am so excited to read them with him.
He probably had the most fun opening this gift. He just crawled around the room pushing it around for about 10 minutes before someone opened it for him.
And of course no birthday is complete without Funfetti Cupcakes! To say that he loved them would be an understatement.
He was more excited about the balloons on the cupcake then the actual cupcake at first.
Eating the icing first...
And then digging in!
We couldn't be happier, he is truly amazing.
Picture with his Godparents...but he was more interested in finishing the cake.
One last gift from Grandma and Grandpa Klaiber- an awesome Puma tracksuit, which was perfect for the plane ride home!


The nerd in me is so happy that Marcus loves to read so much and loves books! I am so excited for him to get a little older so we can start reading some great book series together like Narnia and Harry Potter!

He starts out by taking down all the books he wants to read.

His 2 favorite books are: The Hungry Caterpillar by Erik Carle and Dr. Seuss's ABC book

Friday, November 11, 2011


Last week Marcus and I traveled down to Jacksonville to meet up with my sister Dawn who was going down for a teaching conference. Since Jacksonville is much closer than Minnesota we decided to meet up! She came down a day early with a couple of her friends so we could hang out and go to the beach. Of course I didn't think that we would go swimming because it was so "cold" but coming from Minnesota that is all they wanted to do! We had an awesome time and Marcus loved the beach. It was so fun to see them and get to meet some of my sister's friends!

This freezing wave came right up on him while he was playing with the sand!!

Dylan built Marcus a sandcastle. Marcus squashed it.

He would crawl right up to the waves coming in.

Crazy Minnesotaans.

Yes that is sand on is face because yes he did eat several handfuls of it.

All wrapped up after sitting in the cold water!