Friday, November 11, 2011


Last week Marcus and I traveled down to Jacksonville to meet up with my sister Dawn who was going down for a teaching conference. Since Jacksonville is much closer than Minnesota we decided to meet up! She came down a day early with a couple of her friends so we could hang out and go to the beach. Of course I didn't think that we would go swimming because it was so "cold" but coming from Minnesota that is all they wanted to do! We had an awesome time and Marcus loved the beach. It was so fun to see them and get to meet some of my sister's friends!

This freezing wave came right up on him while he was playing with the sand!!

Dylan built Marcus a sandcastle. Marcus squashed it.

He would crawl right up to the waves coming in.

Crazy Minnesotaans.

Yes that is sand on is face because yes he did eat several handfuls of it.

All wrapped up after sitting in the cold water!

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  1. These are precious! I love them! Marcus is just cuter and cuter!