Saturday, February 19, 2011

12 Weeks

This week Marcus turned 12 weeks old!! The time is flying by and he is growing and changing so much every day. My awesome friend Raegan came to visit us this week and we had so much fun catching up and just hanging out!

The weather was amazing this week-(getting into the 80's!)- so we decided to take Marcus to the zoo!

This is his reaction to the lions.

Raegan took lots of sweet pictures of him while they were hanging out when I went to work.

Raegan brought her matching P.J.'s!

Raegan flew into the airport in Charlleston which gave us the perfect opportunity to take Marcus to the beach for the first time! Unfortunately for us it was super windy and we lasted about 5 minutes...but that was just enough time to get some pictures!

We were so sad that we had to switch from the cute little bottles to the big bottles. Our growing boy has a growing appetite!

He is so strong and lifts his head so high when he is on his stomach!


  1. this is ashley......haha....but alex also loves him :)

  2. so thankful to have found your blog! Your son is BEAUTIFUL!! We are also working with Nightlight. I am prayerfully considering going on the Uganda trip this year. If you have a chance would you be willing to email me about your experience, the pros/cons (if any)
    Thanks so much,

  3. You did so good getting first time zoo pictures! I'm lame...I just took one in the stroller! lol :) We had fun with you guys though!

  4. Oh my- I love seeing his pictures. Marcus is just so cute!! Hey, we should do a zoo trip sometime. still so sad we had to miss his party. So happy for ya'll!