Monday, August 8, 2011

Kentucky Lake Family Reunion

I am pretty lucky to be able to say that I pretty much have the best family ever, and am so thankful that Marcus gets to be a part of it! It is so fun to watch everyone love on him and spoil him a ton. He is a little ham so he eats up all of the attention and loves it! Last week our family spent the week together at Kentucky Lake. It may seem a little random, but it is right in the middle of Omaha and Columbia, so it was the perfect meeting place. We spent lots of time swimming, there was plenty of golf played, a bit of shopping, and of course family games. For the first weekend of the trip my parents best friends, who moved to Atlanta a couple of years ago, got to come and spend time with us. It was so fun to see everyone. My Dad's cousin also came and spent the week with us. I am pretty sure our family motto is "The More the Merrier!"

This picture sums up the week perfectly!

Cory rented a jetski one afternoon for everyone to enjoy!

This is what happens when Marcus is trying to eat and there are 500 distractions

He is seriously the cutest, sweetest baby ever!

He was really never put down... the whole week.

This is what happens when he would get worn out from all of the sun and swimming.

We spent most of our time just floating and relaxing in the lake.

The whole group.

Best Sibs Ever!

We all enjoyed some planking. My sister even tried to teach Marcus!

Boat Plank

Water Plank

Fridge Plank

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  1. Kelly! I miss the Klaibers :) You all are so fun!! Looks like it was a blast for you all to get together. Hope to see you soon sometime when you're in Nebraska or we get a wild hair and make it your way!!