Thursday, November 11, 2010

Adoption Update

Exciting news...we are done with our homestudy and have been approved as adoptive parents!! We are so so excited to be done with everything and now we are just waiting for THE call! Please be praying that we are patient during this time and that we put our hope in the Lord not in circumstances or our timing of things. We are really praying that we will have our baby by Christmas, but please pray that if that is not God's will that we will be okay with it! It is so exciting to think that at any moment an expectant mother could be looking at our profile book and at any time we could get a call saying that we were chosen! I know it could take a while, so I am trying not to get too excited but it feels so good to be so close. Keep praying for our little one wherever he or she is! Thank you for all the support!


  1. Hey there friend...praying for yall!

    And thanks so much for riding with me on Saturday to pick up pizza! :)

  2. So happy you guys are now waiting! What an amazing journey it has been for us, and so thankful to have met such great couples who are also following God's plan! :) Congrats you two!