Monday, November 8, 2010

Uganda Part 1- Tender Hearts Babies Home

So a week after coming home and I am finally going to attempt to update you all about our trip to Uganda. The trip was so incredible, it is hard to know where to start! I am going to try to do this in groups so there will probably be more than one post! I will try to throw in as many pictures as possible because pictures really do help.

This is a picture of me, Carla (holding Charlie), and Elle. We were the three in our group (of 22) that were coming from Columbia. I seriously can't tell you enough how thankful I am for these girls and what a blessing it was for them to come on the trip!

This is a picture of our amazing team that the Lord gathered from all over the United States (8 states) and London! One of our prayers before going on the trip is that the Lord would bring together a united team...and he did! There were never any riffs and everyone got along so well, especially for not knowing each other. Everyone was not only willing but wanting to work hard and give everything they had. I am so thankful to have gotten to know everyone and really do miss them all!

This may look like an old building to you, but it is a beautiful site to me. This is a school that was next to the guest house we stayed in. Each morning the children would get to school (around 7 am) and would sing praise and worship. It was such a great way for us to start our mornings!

You all may remember a post earlier that was asking for prayer for a little girl at the babies home...well thanks to all who prayed! She is doing amazing. She is so beautiful and has a wonderful sweet little laugh and contagious smile!

Here is the staff of Nightlight with the starters of the babies home (from left to right: Kenneth, Lisa, Kathy, myself with one of the babies, Chelsea, and Ron). Kenneth and Kathy are incredible and have such a heart for orphans in a country where people think they are crazy! They are such hard workers, even Kathy who is due to have a baby in 2 months worked the whole time we were there!

Here are a couple of pictures of the other two children at the babies home. There are currently only 4 babies there now since they just got started. Kenneth and Kathy are trying to get everything organized and set up before they accept more children, but are planning on putting their sign up in January. They told us that once they put the sign up that they are a babies home they will find abandoned babies at their front gate all the time.
This little boy was really everyone's favorite. He is the oldest baby at the home right now and so much fun. He loves to run and be ticked and thrown in the air. He also has a great laugh and is so sweet!

Kenneth and Kathy have done an incredible job making the babies home into a home and not just an orphanage with the money they had. Unfortunately they didn't have a ton of things for the babies like clothes, blankets, or toys. When we got there the boy babies were wearing girl clothes, just because that is what they had. Thank you so much to everyone who donated clothes or other baby supplies for us to bring to them! It was so fun to go through the suitcases of clothes and get them organized for different genders and sizes.

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  1. Man! I was just reading this..... and look what all has happened in just 1 month since this post! :)
    I can't believe your baby is at home, and you're holding my baby in that picture above!