Monday, November 8, 2010

Uganda 2- Tender Hearts Baby Home 2

One of our projects while we were working at the babies home was painting. We did a lot of painting outside. We painted the outside walls a fun blue color that helped everything look fresher and inviting for children. We also painted an office area for Kenneth and Kathy and the front porch.

As us ladies were painting the guys that came had a couple of big construction projects. They built a gazebo for the children to be able to play outside during the day and have protection from the hot African sun. They also built playground equipment, from scratch! It was such a blessing that the guys were able to come at the last minute!

Each day we were working at the babies home we had a little audience. The home is surrounded by a gate but that didn't stop these sweet little children watching us all day long. They even laid on the ground to get a better look at the Mzungus (white people). We tried to go out and play with them on our breaks. They were so fun! They loved having their picture taken and we gave them candy and stickers. A bus of 22 white people caused such a scene that people were coming to the gate of the babies home at 6 in the morning saying that they heard people were doing healing miracles and helping the blind to see. I wish we could have done that!

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