Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I don't even know where to start when sharing about the awesome things the Lord is doing for us!

I have been working on my support letters and getting ready to send them out, but before I even got the chance to I already got a support check! One of my sweet friends told me that she and her husband had been praying and they felt like the Lord told them to support me. It is amazing what the Lord can do through us when we obey! Our first payment for the trip is due at the end of August, so please keep praying that each of us has the amount that we need.

In the beginning of our adoption process we were so nervous about the finances and how we were going to pay for it all. Our friends have been such an incredible encouragement to us. Our friend Danielle is going to be doing a fundraiser on her blog. She is collecting different items from both local and national agencies to put together baskets and then auction them off. Check out her blog at: http://cevallosadoption.blogspot.com

My sweet friend Carla (who is also going through the adoption process) and another friend Fran have also been organizing a group of people to run in the Governors Cup here in Columbia, SC on November 13th to raise support for our adoption as well. So many of our friends have signed up, it is so exciting to see everyone come together! Not only is Carla adopting, but she is adopting from Tender Hearts Baby Home in Uganda, where we are going to visit. She is one of the people coming with me on our trip there! Check out her blog at: http://notforgottenjourney.blogspot.com

It is also amazing how God can use others to encourage each other! Just knowing that we have so many praying for us is such an encouragement. We can't wait to bring home our child and submerse him or her into this loving environment!

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